Angelic Intervention

By Rev. Dr. Carolyn Porter

I have both believed in and experienced intervention by the angelic realm hundreds if not thousands of times, and it is always a blessing. As I began to see that whatever happened when I allowed the angels to do their work was always better than I could have ever imagined, I gave them the reins more often. Of course, being human, I tend to forget sometimes and try to figure it out myself. That usually gives me much grief until I remember to let go of the steering wheel and let God and the angels work out the details. Here’s an example of how it works.

In the fall of 2006, I was guided to a location for my healing center, Where Miracles Happen. The angels had given me this name seven years earlier and told me it would manifest in divine timing. So I kept the vision alive with thoughts about it all through those seven years, even though it was difficult to do at times. In spring of 2006, they told me I would find the location in September.

I was afraid – owning and operating a healing center was a big task to me – so I procrastinated. It was nearing the end of September when it felt like someone was giving me a gigantic shove out the door to find the location. I resisted, but finally it became so uncomfortable that I called my realtor and set up a time to go out and look, on the 28th no less. I would say I was cutting it close since I was to find the perfect spot before the end of the month, don’t you think? That day, the place showed up, or rather, I showed up at the place. After a meeting or two with the owner, a contract was offered and accepted, and I was on my way to owning the property and building for the future Where Miracles Happen.

My bank said it would be easy for me to get a loan from them since I had multiple accounts with them and they had known me for many years. The closing date was scheduled a month out and I was so excited – my dream was finally manifesting into form! After three and a half weeks, when I had not received any paperwork, I called the bank, being that my closing was in less than a week. When they told me I had been denied and apologized for not calling me, my knees went weak and I felt like the rug had been pulled out from under me. How could this be? The bank had just about guaranteed I would get the loan. It was early November now, and the angels had told me it would be finalized before the end of the year, but maybe they were wrong.

I approached bank after bank and even investors, but there always seemed to be a glitch – something that just didn’t feel right. After all, I was a risk being that I had never owned a commercial property before. I felt like I was running out of time and possibilities as well. Restless sleep and lots of worrying plagued me because this was not my field of expertise. It was now the first week of December, supposedly the month the sale would be finalized, but I couldn’t seem to make it happen. So on this particular morning, I sat down in my home office chair and said, “Okay God, I’m having trouble finding financing for this center. I really don’t know what else to do as this is not my field of expertise, so I’m giving it back to you. You want me to open this center so you figure it out, and I’m going shopping.” (Yes, I really did say this)

Off to the stores I went to do some Christmas shopping, and while shopping my cell phone rang and I heard the voice of the man I was buying the property from. He said he knew I was having trouble with financing and hoped I didn’t mind his interference, but he had a bank that was willing to do my loan. I was astonished as I stood in the middle of that store feeling glued to the floor, while I took in what he had said. When I found my voice I asked what the interest rate was and he shared the best rate I’d heard. So I asked him why he did this, and his response was, “Because I think you’ll make a go of it.” (Of course later I realized it was probably more that he wanted to sell the property, but that was fine).

Now if you stop and think about it, I would have never been able to come up with this. Who would ever think to ask the person they were buying the property from to find the bank which would provide the loan? It was nothing short of divine orchestration – a magical miracle, or two or three. Then I remembered that I had totally, and I mean totally, let go of the situation and handed it back to God and the angels just that morning, and that’s when it worked, and pretty fast at that! So it was once again a reminder to keep out of the way once I ask for help so the angels can go to work and figure it all out. No more worrying, no more sleepless nights, no more frustration once I let it all go. Amazing, right? Not really, for it always works this way if we let go of trying to figure it all out, because we’re in the way and blocking the progress.

On December 27, 2006, I became the proud owner of Where Miracles Happen Quantum Healing & Empowerment Center, before the end of the year just like the angels had told me a few months earlier! The angels are the most powerful team you can ever have, and this story is just one of many examples of how they work when we let them! My wish is that you invite the angels into your life and let them run it!

Rev. Dr. Carolyn Porter is an Author, Speaker, Life & Health Coach, Angel Channel, Trainer for coaching, speaking and angel practitioner, and owner of Where Miracles Happen. Her focus is always on empowerment and healing in all dimensions, and she uses the angels as her best and most powerful support team. Visit or for more information about her work, books, e-Books and CD’s.

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Playing Games with My Angels

By Joni

In my recent Angel Therapy® Session I found out who my Angels are and that they are with me at all times. I learned I could have fun with them, so I developed this little game with them. After work each day, I walk about six blocks to catch my city bus home. I work downtown Minneapolis and each corner has a street light on it. When I’m pressed for time to catch my bus, I talk to my Angels and ask for their help in catching every street light so I don’t miss my bus. I know it may sound silly, but they help me hurry to my stop so I’m not waiting on the corner for the light to change. Each time I’ve asked for their help I have had greens lights all the way and I have yet to miss my bus. I learned that not only can I count on angels to guide me in important issues in my life, but I can also have fun with them.

Another game I play with them is asking them to help me in the parking lots at stores. When I’m entering a full parking lot, I ask them for a parking spot close to the door and each time they deliver!

I have been blessed in many ways throughout my life. I know God has my Angels close by me at all times. I’m aware of their presence, and miracles they have created in my life and I always let them know how grateful I am for their guidance and friendship. But I have to say, playing games with my Angels sure is a lot of fun!

Story by Joni Z, edited and rights protected by Janis McKay Babcock

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Rockin’ Out with The Girls

By Cristina

During an Angel Therapy® Session I was introduced to my three angels Indra, Sasha and Rafaela. I now affectionately refer to them as “The Girls.” Previously I had been aware of Sasha, but now I feel very comforted to know that there’s a group of them working miracles with me.

While driving, I do a lot of random thinking and I get very plugged in emotionally to my thoughts. The other day in the car, I was thinking about how much I feel that I have moved on emotionally from my connection with my soon to be ex husband. The very second that I had that thought, our ‘love song’ began playing on the radio. When it played before today, I would immediately change the station as it was just too painful to hear. But this time it was different. I started laughing out loud because I knew “The Girls” were responsible for playing the song, giving me this healing opportunity. I felt them lovingly tease me with “Are you sure you want to hear this?” as the song played. I just had to laugh because I did want to hear it and I knew that somehow hearing the song with them would be healing for me! This time while listening, my emotional connection to my soon to be ex was gone! I sang the lyrics out loud with the image of The Girls dancing in my head! I reclaimed the song and found joy in it once again.

I have felt very alone, in a crowd, for quite a long time. But since the introduction to The Girls and a reconnection to the Angelic Realm, I feel a profound sense of support and comfort. There is just such a strong sense of “knowing” that they are here with me to guide me towards my highest good. It’s as if the storm that has been raging around me for so long is finally quieting down and I feel I am on a calm and peaceful voyage for the first time, in a very long time. What I love is that The Girls are funny and playful. They playfully tease me and motivate me with humor and love. They are helping me to re-connect to that joyful, playful place inside me. I am just reopening this connection to them and I feel that miracles in my life are still unfolding every day. Life makes sense to me because I just “know” my connection to the Divine is ever present in my life and I will continue to rock out with The Girls!

Composed by Cristina, edited and rights protected by Janis McKay Babcock in 2010

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Insights From a Wolf

When my son Wolfgang was almost 3, he gave me one of the greatest insights of my spiritual life. He helped me truly affirm my belief in life after death with an experience that was close to the heart. Wolfie has seen spirits and angels since he was a baby. He would always look at something in the foreground, when to my eyes nothing was there. He would laugh and giggle with an invisible friend and it just became an accepted part of our lives, and we encouraged it. I knew our house was filled with beings that where there for our families highest good.

It was early one summer morning and I was getting ready for the day. He came into the bathroom with the typical excitement of a toddler. With a flushed face and rounded eyes he pointed into the adjoining master bedroom and, while smiling, said his word for grandpa “Gaypa! Gaypa!”  It was then that I knew my ailing father had passed.  I hung my head and had to pause while the news sunk in.

Within minutes, as I sat slumped over in sorrow the phone rang. I knew it was a family member calling to tell me the news. I believe I said “I know. He was just here.” And I hung up the phone and cried.

I believe there is no better way to receive such terrible news than through the pure joy of a child who is excited to see his loved one. Through a child who doesn’t differentiate between the spirit of a soul that has crossed over and the soul of a living person. Through a child who sees things so clearly, who knows that grandpa hasn’t really gone anywhere. In fact, somehow it seems my father is closer to us in spirit, as if he is here instantly when we call on him.

Thank you Wolfie, for being the messenger who sprinkled joy, comfort and truth into a sad day.

Composed and rights protected by Janis McKay Babcock in 2010

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How Could You Possibly Know That?

This question is common among those of us who work with the Angels. A lot of us Lightworkers spent our formative years not being able to answer that question for ourselves. We’d say ‘Who was that whispering in my ear? I swear I just heard my name called, felt my shoulder touched or smelled a heavenly bouquet of flowers!’ We’d wonder how it is we simply knew what was right for other people and if we were lucky, for ourselves.

I did not take the direct path to the Angels. I meandered through the 8-year-3-school college plan, had the Art Career, built a great marriage, had a gorgeous baby and finally ended up still happily discontented before I realized the calling of the Angels was there all along. Before then I was unable to understand that the “coincidences” in my life were in fact not coincidences at all, the ‘knowing’ I had experienced was Divine Guidance and the free counseling I gave people in my life was worth building a career on.

After I read all the books on Lightwork, Angels and Mediumship I could get my hands on I realized that working for the Angels is perfect for me. After meditation, training and practice I found the Angel and Spirits were on their toes waiting for me to get started. I had clients before my business was even begun and began to feel in loving harmony with my Divine Life Purpose. In the beginning and before each session my ego would rise and tell me I was making it all up, that I must be a great story teller, that I was merely quick on my feet and good with advice. But each session has without fail allowed me to hear specific messages for the client that I couldn’t possibly have dreamed up, messages of healing and joy that each client needed at that very moment. Messages given to me through their words, pictures and thoughts that I would easily interpret for the person seeking their advice. I used to be somewhat stunned every time the Angels and ArchAngels came through so clearly and I would be in tears at the power of their lovely bright presence! I would even be surprised when the client responded with joy and excitement to the reading, wondering if it could possibly be as profound for them as it was for me. I used to mentally say “Whew!” in relief that I was on target. But then I realized something of the utmost importance to those of us who work with Angels; we are doing very little in these sessions! We are simply opening our selves to their messages and it is not us ‘performing’ at all! That took a load of fear away from my practice and my self-awareness. I am free knowing that the Angels work through me for the highest good of my clients and myself.

The experience of being chosen to work with the Angels has done so much for me and my life. My self-esteem has healthfully skyrocketed, my faith in people has increased immeasurably and my relationship with the Angels has become the biggest and most important bond in my existence. The Angels are on their toes waiting to speak to each and every one of us and if you sit silently still you will be able to hear them too! How could I possibly know that? Because my Angels said so!

This article is copyright protected by Janis McKay Babcock and appeared in Edge Life Magazine in December 2006 and in the book Angel Love by Carolyn Porter

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