Welcome to Spirit and Angel Stories!

This is an exciting place to explore the realm of loving Spirit and Angel encounters! Visitors will have the opportunity to read the stories of others, submit their own, and offer comments on other submissions. Professional Spiritual Intuitives will offer their insights regarding your story. Come play with us where the internet meets the ethers!
The site is created by Professional Spiritual Intuitive Janis McKay Babcock of SpiritedAngel.com. She can help you share your connection with your Departed Loved Ones and Angels with the world! In order to further understanding of Spirit and Angel involvement in our lives Janis will offer professional insight into each story.
Submit your story to Janis@SpiritedAngel.com for possible publication!
Don’t miss a story! Keep up with us at http://www.facebook.com/spiritandangelstories!

About SpiritedAngel

Hello, my name is Janis McKay Babcock, Spiritual Intuitive, Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Author, Speaker and Teacher on many things Divine! It is my divine life purpose and true joy to connect you with profound and personal messages of love and healing from your Angels and Spirits. These loving beings are on their toes waiting to speak to you about your concerns with romance, health, profession, life purpose, or anything! Feel the joy of having a deep connection with them, allowing them to create miracles in your life!
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