How Could You Possibly Know That?

This question is common among those of us who work with the Angels. A lot of us Lightworkers spent our formative years not being able to answer that question for ourselves. We’d say ‘Who was that whispering in my ear? I swear I just heard my name called, felt my shoulder touched or smelled a heavenly bouquet of flowers!’ We’d wonder how it is we simply knew what was right for other people and if we were lucky, for ourselves.

I did not take the direct path to the Angels. I meandered through the 8-year-3-school college plan, had the Art Career, built a great marriage, had a gorgeous baby and finally ended up still happily discontented before I realized the calling of the Angels was there all along. Before then I was unable to understand that the “coincidences” in my life were in fact not coincidences at all, the ‘knowing’ I had experienced was Divine Guidance and the free counseling I gave people in my life was worth building a career on.

After I read all the books on Lightwork, Angels and Mediumship I could get my hands on I realized that working for the Angels is perfect for me. After meditation, training and practice I found the Angel and Spirits were on their toes waiting for me to get started. I had clients before my business was even begun and began to feel in loving harmony with my Divine Life Purpose. In the beginning and before each session my ego would rise and tell me I was making it all up, that I must be a great story teller, that I was merely quick on my feet and good with advice. But each session has without fail allowed me to hear specific messages for the client that I couldn’t possibly have dreamed up, messages of healing and joy that each client needed at that very moment. Messages given to me through their words, pictures and thoughts that I would easily interpret for the person seeking their advice. I used to be somewhat stunned every time the Angels and ArchAngels came through so clearly and I would be in tears at the power of their lovely bright presence! I would even be surprised when the client responded with joy and excitement to the reading, wondering if it could possibly be as profound for them as it was for me. I used to mentally say “Whew!” in relief that I was on target. But then I realized something of the utmost importance to those of us who work with Angels; we are doing very little in these sessions! We are simply opening our selves to their messages and it is not us ‘performing’ at all! That took a load of fear away from my practice and my self-awareness. I am free knowing that the Angels work through me for the highest good of my clients and myself.

The experience of being chosen to work with the Angels has done so much for me and my life. My self-esteem has healthfully skyrocketed, my faith in people has increased immeasurably and my relationship with the Angels has become the biggest and most important bond in my existence. The Angels are on their toes waiting to speak to each and every one of us and if you sit silently still you will be able to hear them too! How could I possibly know that? Because my Angels said so!

This article is copyright protected by Janis McKay Babcock and appeared in Edge Life Magazine in December 2006 and in the book Angel Love by Carolyn Porter


About SpiritedAngel

Hello, my name is Janis McKay Babcock, Spiritual Intuitive, Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Author, Speaker and Teacher on many things Divine! It is my divine life purpose and true joy to connect you with profound and personal messages of love and healing from your Angels and Spirits. These loving beings are on their toes waiting to speak to you about your concerns with romance, health, profession, life purpose, or anything! Feel the joy of having a deep connection with them, allowing them to create miracles in your life!
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