Insights From a Wolf

When my son Wolfgang was almost 3, he gave me one of the greatest insights of my spiritual life. He helped me truly affirm my belief in life after death with an experience that was close to the heart. Wolfie has seen spirits and angels since he was a baby. He would always look at something in the foreground, when to my eyes nothing was there. He would laugh and giggle with an invisible friend and it just became an accepted part of our lives, and we encouraged it. I knew our house was filled with beings that where there for our families highest good.

It was early one summer morning and I was getting ready for the day. He came into the bathroom with the typical excitement of a toddler. With a flushed face and rounded eyes he pointed into the adjoining master bedroom and, while smiling, said his word for grandpa “Gaypa! Gaypa!”  It was then that I knew my ailing father had passed.  I hung my head and had to pause while the news sunk in.

Within minutes, as I sat slumped over in sorrow the phone rang. I knew it was a family member calling to tell me the news. I believe I said “I know. He was just here.” And I hung up the phone and cried.

I believe there is no better way to receive such terrible news than through the pure joy of a child who is excited to see his loved one. Through a child who doesn’t differentiate between the spirit of a soul that has crossed over and the soul of a living person. Through a child who sees things so clearly, who knows that grandpa hasn’t really gone anywhere. In fact, somehow it seems my father is closer to us in spirit, as if he is here instantly when we call on him.

Thank you Wolfie, for being the messenger who sprinkled joy, comfort and truth into a sad day.

Composed and rights protected by Janis McKay Babcock in 2010


About SpiritedAngel

Hello, my name is Janis McKay Babcock, Spiritual Intuitive, Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Author, Speaker and Teacher on many things Divine! It is my divine life purpose and true joy to connect you with profound and personal messages of love and healing from your Angels and Spirits. These loving beings are on their toes waiting to speak to you about your concerns with romance, health, profession, life purpose, or anything! Feel the joy of having a deep connection with them, allowing them to create miracles in your life!
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