Angelic Intervention

By Rev. Dr. Carolyn Porter

I have both believed in and experienced intervention by the angelic realm hundreds if not thousands of times, and it is always a blessing. As I began to see that whatever happened when I allowed the angels to do their work was always better than I could have ever imagined, I gave them the reins more often. Of course, being human, I tend to forget sometimes and try to figure it out myself. That usually gives me much grief until I remember to let go of the steering wheel and let God and the angels work out the details. Here’s an example of how it works.

In the fall of 2006, I was guided to a location for my healing center, Where Miracles Happen. The angels had given me this name seven years earlier and told me it would manifest in divine timing. So I kept the vision alive with thoughts about it all through those seven years, even though it was difficult to do at times. In spring of 2006, they told me I would find the location in September.

I was afraid – owning and operating a healing center was a big task to me – so I procrastinated. It was nearing the end of September when it felt like someone was giving me a gigantic shove out the door to find the location. I resisted, but finally it became so uncomfortable that I called my realtor and set up a time to go out and look, on the 28th no less. I would say I was cutting it close since I was to find the perfect spot before the end of the month, don’t you think? That day, the place showed up, or rather, I showed up at the place. After a meeting or two with the owner, a contract was offered and accepted, and I was on my way to owning the property and building for the future Where Miracles Happen.

My bank said it would be easy for me to get a loan from them since I had multiple accounts with them and they had known me for many years. The closing date was scheduled a month out and I was so excited – my dream was finally manifesting into form! After three and a half weeks, when I had not received any paperwork, I called the bank, being that my closing was in less than a week. When they told me I had been denied and apologized for not calling me, my knees went weak and I felt like the rug had been pulled out from under me. How could this be? The bank had just about guaranteed I would get the loan. It was early November now, and the angels had told me it would be finalized before the end of the year, but maybe they were wrong.

I approached bank after bank and even investors, but there always seemed to be a glitch – something that just didn’t feel right. After all, I was a risk being that I had never owned a commercial property before. I felt like I was running out of time and possibilities as well. Restless sleep and lots of worrying plagued me because this was not my field of expertise. It was now the first week of December, supposedly the month the sale would be finalized, but I couldn’t seem to make it happen. So on this particular morning, I sat down in my home office chair and said, “Okay God, I’m having trouble finding financing for this center. I really don’t know what else to do as this is not my field of expertise, so I’m giving it back to you. You want me to open this center so you figure it out, and I’m going shopping.” (Yes, I really did say this)

Off to the stores I went to do some Christmas shopping, and while shopping my cell phone rang and I heard the voice of the man I was buying the property from. He said he knew I was having trouble with financing and hoped I didn’t mind his interference, but he had a bank that was willing to do my loan. I was astonished as I stood in the middle of that store feeling glued to the floor, while I took in what he had said. When I found my voice I asked what the interest rate was and he shared the best rate I’d heard. So I asked him why he did this, and his response was, “Because I think you’ll make a go of it.” (Of course later I realized it was probably more that he wanted to sell the property, but that was fine).

Now if you stop and think about it, I would have never been able to come up with this. Who would ever think to ask the person they were buying the property from to find the bank which would provide the loan? It was nothing short of divine orchestration – a magical miracle, or two or three. Then I remembered that I had totally, and I mean totally, let go of the situation and handed it back to God and the angels just that morning, and that’s when it worked, and pretty fast at that! So it was once again a reminder to keep out of the way once I ask for help so the angels can go to work and figure it all out. No more worrying, no more sleepless nights, no more frustration once I let it all go. Amazing, right? Not really, for it always works this way if we let go of trying to figure it all out, because we’re in the way and blocking the progress.

On December 27, 2006, I became the proud owner of Where Miracles Happen Quantum Healing & Empowerment Center, before the end of the year just like the angels had told me a few months earlier! The angels are the most powerful team you can ever have, and this story is just one of many examples of how they work when we let them! My wish is that you invite the angels into your life and let them run it!

Rev. Dr. Carolyn Porter is an Author, Speaker, Life & Health Coach, Angel Channel, Trainer for coaching, speaking and angel practitioner, and owner of Where Miracles Happen. Her focus is always on empowerment and healing in all dimensions, and she uses the angels as her best and most powerful support team. Visit or for more information about her work, books, e-Books and CD’s.


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Hello, my name is Janis McKay Babcock, Spiritual Intuitive, Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Author, Speaker and Teacher on many things Divine! It is my divine life purpose and true joy to connect you with profound and personal messages of love and healing from your Angels and Spirits. These loving beings are on their toes waiting to speak to you about your concerns with romance, health, profession, life purpose, or anything! Feel the joy of having a deep connection with them, allowing them to create miracles in your life!
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